JONATHAN GIBB | House – Millenium Watchers 2000

House – Millenium Watchers 2000

The Millenium Watchers House – AKA – An Espalier for a House of Plastic Geometries

The project proposed two interlaced structures have been designed to observe the dawning of the new millennium. After this, the house, its purpose and existence will be subject to new philosophies, technologies, and ideas.

As with any structure, its life and form over time is not assured of staying the same. This project takes the idea, and that of an experiment, that the house has been placed within a three dimensional steel grid, or Espalier, which would remain constant (ie. Not altered from its present state) – where as the houses may be left as is, or added to – expanding its volume into the steel grid, or disassembled and a new construction placed within. The Espalier, (word describing a frame to guide a trees growth on) is representational of time, (an interconnected triptych of the past, present, and future), which travels in a straight line, within this physical body of the space time continuum events are recorded, and as such so appears the house, an event encapsulated and unique to the site and time frame built in. The Espalier is constructed from 150 x 150mm RHS sections, which support the house and by physical touch has a feel of permanence. The house is constructed from lightweight timber frame, with plywood (NZ regenerative timber) and compressed sheet exterior cladding. To the north elevation, the house has four large window modules – which look to the right – or east (sunrise), to the left – the west (sunset), up – to the sky, and down to the earth. The houses volume concentrates itself to these four ‘ocular viewing devices’, which gives light down the internal length of the house, with secondary windows longitudinally giving necessary light to the rooms.

No one can predict to absolute certainty what the new millennium will bring to us in this ‘already’ age of technology. But by a site, recording physical changes of that place, the events that took place getting there may give clues to the possible future, and so the experiment stands ready, ‘An Espalier for a House of Plastic Geometries’.

3D Imagery: © Jonathan Gibb 2000

MWH 03 Espalier 2000