JONATHAN GIBB | Library – New Lynn NZ 2007

Library – New Lynn NZ 2007

New Library, Community Centre and Memorial Square for the suburb of New Lynn, Waitakere City Council, Auckland NZ.

The Libraries design and placement to the street (facing an adjacent Mall) was premised on the Maori design and concept of the Pataka – or storehouse for food, in this case used for the idea and concept of a ‘storehouse of knowledge.’ The facilities allow for a 1000m2 library, with learning centre, young childrens area, community rooms and new offices for the Citizens Advice Bureau. Aritist involvement from the beginning of the project allowed for integration, with the main support external and internal walls imprinted with the story of the local Maori Tribes journey to the area and more contemporary symbols of the community and local industry – especially the renown Crown Lynn Pottery works. Stained glass and other artworks abound within the main space. Project Architect responsible for design, documenting, client liaison, site administration.

Design and documenting for and on behalf of Moller Architects NZ

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© Patrick Reynolds – Photographer.