JONATHAN GIBB | Imperial Building 2009

Imperial Building 2009

Imperial Building and 56 Queen Street, Auckland City, NZ.

Refurbishment of the existing – historically listed Imperial Building and 56 Queen Street (Everybodys Building) for botique Offices and high end Retail.

What was a forgotten grouping of facades along Queen’s Streets hussle and bustle has been re-born anew. A full clean-up of the existing facade removing egress ladders, signage and making good plasterwork and window replacement was by-far the easiest part of cleaning up this ol gal. New structural concrete walls and a new inserted floor gave necessary earthquake strengthening and allowing for further m2 for tenanting. The original ornamented yet badly damaged ceiling to the old Roxy Theatre (one of Auckland cities first movie threatres) was patched and the whole ceiling and walls neutralised in a blanket of white. The existing floor was likewise patched and polished. The entry from Queen Street was given a limited treatment and renewal, with the long corridor-like space broken up using vertical timber elements referring to the merchant days of the originally purposed building (original Woolworths of Auckland).

The front facade was given a paint scheme to further emphasize the existing Architectural elements during the day, with at night the same facade revealed for the first time with carefully designed and positioned lighting to again high-light the ornamented facade. Two new canopies designed for thematic coupling of each of the high-end retailers. A solid under-lit canopy for GUCCI and a steel and glass canopy for LOUIS VUITTON – designed so pedestrians could look up and see the facade above. The back of the building to Fort Lane was robustly treated exposing the raw nature of the service lane, consciously aiming at a Melbourne-esque aesthetic. Project Architect responsible for design, documenting, client liaison, site administration.

Design and documenting for and on behalf of Moller Architects NZ

Photographic Credit:

© Simon Devitt – Photographer.