JONATHAN GIBB | Winery – Bass Valley Estate 2007

Winery – Bass Valley Estate 2007

A design for an addition to an existing shed to create a tasting / dining area for visitors and use as a venue for functions / weddings.

Bass Valley Estate Winery, South Western Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

The existings workmans shed has been retained with 2 parts added to create a multi-function – indoor / outdoor space suiting for seasonal changes. A walkway with steel framed portals supporting timber rafters with a layer of Danpalon transluscent sheeting mediates between the old and new. The main space is created using the same steel portal framing supporting a mono-pitched roof, mimicing the pitch of the old shed. The new roof has been split into 3 parts; 2 parts solid and 1 part openable (operable) roof louvres. This allows the feeling of complete outdoor connection, teamed with roll down plastic sheeting sides to protect the space from wind whilst retaining the appeal of sitting / standing within an open frame. The old shed has been kept as is with a new entry door and new sliding door to the interface (walkway area). To further the tasting / dining experience a graveled terrace extends, with apple trees to give a break from the suns rays, while allowing views through and under the canopies.

Design & 3D Imagery: © Jonathan Gibb 2007

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