JONATHAN GIBB | Epilogue I 2008

Epilogue I 2008

Charcoal work and writing produced for the Auckland School of Architecture publication – MODOS 2008

It is a curious mixture of emotions when a building moves
from a skeletal or bare minimum to its more adorned and
completed self
The raw concrete is plastered or painted, with the
extremes of contrast of light and dark; textures of
rough ground to smooth faced cement supplanted
by the complete
A strange comfort is gleaned by the dark mysterious
caverns existing before their eventual fall to the fitment of
windows or infill of walls
Womb like they nurture a feeling of imaginative wandering,
a warm embrace or encapsulation by a surreal feeling of possible
futures. Epilogue signals a turned tide, with all before now
gone, remembered but no more
This is not the end but rather the beginning of the new.

Charcoal on Italia 300gsm cold pressed paper, paper size: 765 x 570 mm – 2008

Charcoal Work: © Jonathan Gibb