JONATHAN GIBB | Future Schools 2011

Future Schools 2011

This was a competition for looking at designs for mobile school prefabs able to assigned to various locations about Australia – Sponsored by Melbourne School of Design.

The entry as shown was a pragmatic approach to facilitating a mobile structure, split into modulated components that could be when required replaced for suitability to the assigned location. The modulation also allows for inter-linking to create an entire school if required.


The main concept of the A10 was to take the idea and precept of ‘future proofing’ to a holistic level. The design is based upon the design criteria as experimented with by RM Schindler in the USA and Edwin Codd in Australia. The guts of it has been to create a 1200mm panelled modulated system for temporary / permanent prefabricated buildings, that in every way are able to be adapted and re-interpreted according to locality and assignment – that of making best for Site Specific design and adaptability.The ethos is that the building as presented may take on as many modular additions and re-dress as possible to preserve its longevity and functionality.

Design & 3D Imagery: © Jonathan Gibb 2011

Delivery Verandah Urban Assignment Outdoor Classroom Outback Assignment 1