JONATHAN GIBB | Ormiston Main Bridge 2008

Ormiston Main Bridge 2008

The first of two bridges designed and built for the Manukau City Council for the new satellite township of Flatbush in association with Beca Consulting Engineers. The Ormiston Road Bridge is the first cable stay bridge to be erected in New Zealand, forming part of a NZ$12.75 million Ormiston road upgrade and bridge construction project, jointly funded by Manukau City Council and Land Transport New Zealand. Its 70 metre long steel box girder structure is suspended from two inclined tapering concrete pylons, 46 metres in height. The bridge spans 27 metres across, featuring four traffic lanes, two cycle lanes and footpaths on both sides, providing a crossing point over Ormiston Road for pedestrians. Designed to elevate the road above the Otara Creek and beyond the 100 year flood plain, the bridge forms an important gateway to the new city centre, destined to become both a local and national icon.

Design and documenting for and on behalf of Moller Architects NZ in association with BECA Consulting Engineers

Photographic Credit:

© Jonathan Gibb 2009 – Infra-red Black and White film.