JONATHAN GIBB | Ormiston East Bridge 2008

Ormiston East Bridge 2008

The second of two bridges designed and built for the Manukau City Council for the new satellite township of Flatbush. This the smaller bridge crosses a stream which inter-connects to a new public cycle and pedestrian way. The designs idea was predicated on old concrete highway bridges that had rythmic openenings to the balustrading, here not possible due to the regulations as given by the Traffic Authority. The design explored this idea interpreting it as a shallow recessed design in the pre-cast concrete barriers and retaining walls. Through this repetative design runs a vine, symbolising a growth, and continuance of growth – now and into the future.

Design and documenting for and on behalf of Moller Architects NZ in association with BECA Consulting Engineers

Photographic Credit:

© Jonathan Gibb 2009 – Infra-red Black and White film.