JONATHAN GIBB | House – Packing Crate 1997

House – Packing Crate 1997

Inspiration was drawn from packing pellets, using the properties of materiality and spatial dividing – seeing though a screen to spaces beyond.

The project was designed for a site where an earlier built work had been designed and built – this was a theoretical project to further give analysis to the constraints of the site and taking that weakness and turning it into a design strength. Through side and height limits a grid of 1.5m was created, with all parts of the building from the external geometry to the finest of detail dividing from this initial cell. The concept evolved into a project that during the day existed as a ‘Packing Crate’ containing all constituting a home. The timber sheathing giving protection and holding back what was there-in contained. At night, with the setting sun and interior lights turned on, the edifice reverses, emitting light to the outer world, with the building no longer a Packing Crate – but transformed into the Lighthouse.

Awards: 1998 AAA Cavalier Bremworth Design Awards – Open Category Winner

Judges: Patrick Clifford (Architectus NZ) / Tom Kovak (Aust) /

Design & 3D Imagery: © Jonathan Gibb 1997

Packing Crate 3 Packing Crate 2