JONATHAN GIBB | Ngaio – Bird’s Peril – A House for an Artist

Ngaio – Bird’s Peril – A House for an Artist

Ngaio – Bird’s Peril – A House for an Artist

House for an Artist

Representation through a house of an artists style can be hard if too abstract. This artist though works with a repetition of forms, textures (continually various based on materials at hand) and keeps true to the idea and concept of full engagement with design and creation of the artworks.

 The house is designed to stand in Wellington’s suburb Ngaio, known for modernist artists of the past such as Juliet Peter and Roy Cowan. It stands as an inverted ziggurat encased in recycled vertical timber and steel sheets. Inside in encompasses what is a house – albeit a bohemian’s house, with studio space where-ever wanted… The overall house can rotate, canging the outlook when wanted. Atop also inverted a re-used power pylon, with concrete footings adoerned. To the outside of this to add to the non-static nature – whirling birds suspended on steel cables whirl about hung off a track. Entry is at ones peril – as long as you have good timing.

   The overall is a statement in-itself, and by respect, consider next steps towards engagement before stepping over the threshold.

Design & 3D Imagery: © Jonathan Gibb 2017