JONATHAN GIBB | The Golden Theatre – 2015

The Golden Theatre – 2015

The Golden Theatre

A fully encapsulated and internalized transitive void, of no site but a site to all, solidified rhythmic banding of reflection, light and time creating space, creating journey. There is no choice of route, this journey is Mono-directional. Material creates floor, wall and ceiling – Hierachy is perceived by what is given by gravity – all is the same, detailed by cut and encizure, echo-ing light and its own static nature.

So it is – The Golden Theatre; A journey to a theatrical arena, where none will ever be as important to perform but all as im-port to participate; each player is as indespensible as the next with a role to play beyond the confines of the system, each invested with a supremeness of optimism for the unknown. To  live or die is now.


2015 AAA Visionary Design Awards – ‘Open Conceptual’ Highly Commended

Design & 3D Imagery: © Jonathan Gibb 2015