JONATHAN GIBB | The Glass House – 2015

The Glass House – 2015

The Glass House

The Glass House is a form contrasting building: emphasizing the site with minimal projection from the ground plane. What is thus seen is a direct contrast to the proud tall Victorian period homes surrounding the house.

Internalized volumes of functioning spaces – bedrooms, en-suites, living, dining, kitchen and office encapsulated within an overall cut-out void of space set under a operable glass roof. These occupiable spaces recede into the site, receiving light directly from above, or filtered during summer months through camouflage netting.

At night the house takes the form of co-joined tents, flickering and glowing within a vast landscape of urbanity and streetscapes. An edifice echoing forms of suburbia, of occupation and use – well-being through its own genius of technology.

Here though the house does take responsibility for its existence. Rainwater and photo-voltaic harvesting of the suns energy along-with maintaining a constant temperature of internal spaces by the use of the earths mass. An internalized green-wall refreshes both the air and mind. So acting as a reminder, the house also points to a brighter future of sustainability that does come after the years diminish carbon foot-prints – a beacon at night, solidifying in the light of day to reflect societies face.


2015-2016 A’ Design Award & Competition – A’ Architecture, Building and Urban Design Award for ‘The Glass House.’

Design & 3D Imagery: © Jonathan Gibb 2015

A Outside_001 street























A Outside_005 night street























B Inside_005 living lower























B Inside_006 skylight























C Plan_001A Roof Camo net























C Plan_001 Roof