JONATHAN GIBB | Sydney Container House – 2013

Sydney Container House – 2013

The Sydney Container House

Is a design for a proposed house on the left point of Bondi Beach in Sydney; it has been arranged as horizontal bands, supported and separated by a steel SHS frame lifting the ensemble up above the site, and allowing the house to sit-lightly upon the land and allowing the public access to this land.

Arrangement is thus to ensure for excellent outward views and interesting views from outside in.

Internal spaces are grouped and separated both vertically and horizontally, with Decks to the east and West allowing for external extension of the Gnd Living I Dining I Kitchen space.

A Lap Pool, made from end to end containers allows a reading of the sites slope by penetrating into the site, letting the sand flow in and continue the idea of the natural lay of the land. A Tower, created again from end to end containers, fitted with additional single doors forming fins gives a presense to the structure, reminiscent of a Light-house. The fins also assist in shadow cast and a reading of time from that shadow.

Design & 3D Imagery: © Jonathan Gibb 2013




















































































































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