JONATHAN GIBB | SLANT Design Competition 2014 – Transition

SLANT Design Competition 2014 – Transition

LIFE may be likened to that of a boardgame of movements from place to place – square to square, grid to grid. A constant of LIFE is change, from day to day to years… so how too to reflect LIFE within a city, how do you reflect the droplet of a soul, of an individual within a sea of such droplets… it is here that TRANSition; of lifes changes is able to take place. Here GRIDS – OR TOKENS, invested with a singular purpose,of PARK, PATHWAYS, POOL,SQUARE, COMMERCIAL BLOCK, HOUSE BLOCK are able to move about – here the City may change over-night to something entirely new – it is here that the idea of TRANSition becomes solidified, from the going down of the sun til its rebirth, so does the city live. It dies with dusk, and is reborn, renewed in the morning light.

On the Top Deck the cities Planning is broken down to a GRID, making up these sub-parts, GRIDS – or TOKENS, each a moving block. Its a Game of Sorts, with the grace and purpose of an orchestrated dance. The city here is a complex intertwine of individuals changing like the moods of a persons character. And like a cities individuals, new characters appear, swelling the ranks, bringing their own uniqueness to the city – so here it is that new TOKENS can add to the existing, extending and increasing the multi-various mix of the city and its potential of change from one day to the next.

From such open movement of man and machines – there still lyes beneath the land, its simple and humble covering of ground cover plants, grasses and wild flowers. Atop the TOKENS ride parks, formed to hilly reliefs atop the site, some just grasses, and others with trees – giving shade and nurture to the city. Here too water reserves collect water from roofs and hard-landscaped areas, holding the water for irrigation of the park modules and creating water features that like any of the TOKENS is able to relocate to best suit the city one day to the next. It may be that the city will exponentially grow, its foot-print a phantom to the ground, forever changing and mobile, enabling the earth to live and breath – here no flash gardens, nor manicured lawns need be entertained. Here simplicity reins supreme, of natural re-generation of the localised grasses, supporting the local wild-life, and keeping the character of place intact – not lost from constructed edifices that steal the view, or take site, and do not return the ‘taken’ natural surface (trees / grasses all gone…). So – TRANSition(s), here an amalgim of thought, word and action, creating a very special place, a place of duality; a place of never ceasing wonder and discovery – TRANSition(s).

Design & 3D Imagery: © Jonathan Gibb 2014