JONATHAN GIBB | House – For Pink Floyd I

House – For Pink Floyd I

House – A House for Pink Floyd I


Concept of the Wall broken, but only in twain, where the lead character Pink now inhabits.

Here the project treats the wall as a continuum, a lineally layed passage of time. Here the house is situated along the lineal way, as a stop, a moment of pause. A volume that both accepts the walls embracing isolation, yet here as a sheltering within the mind. It is this role reversal that it is now the wall contained that makes it possible to exist both as an outward and inward concept – that of public and private.

The approach is from within the wall – a shear internalized gallery of memory, sheltered from competing forces. The lidless passages lead to the sphere, a volume that allows the entry of the wall as a 3m high edifice, an internalized ring that forms a walkway about the circumference of the sphere. Through the middle is a steel gantry, where to the middle is situated the TV, chair and lamp stand. Familiar objects within a sphere of the mind, suspended by memory, transitory yet fixed permanently.

Carried out for the ICARCH Design Competition 2013.

Design & 3D Imagery: © Jonathan Gibb 2013

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