JONATHAN GIBB | Benetton Building 2009

Benetton Building 2009

Designing in Teheran

Benetton Designing in Teheran 2009 Design Competition

Designed for the Benetton Design Competition for a new mixed use building located on the tree-lined Vali Asr Avenue, central Teheran.

This design utilises the idea of the tree, from its trunk to the leaves creating the sheltering canopy – re-formatted to create structural façade elements or fins. These fins emphasises the spatial idea of the vertical, which has basis in the historic and current architectures of Teheran’s public buildings. Here the fins adopt the concept of column,  through emulation of the trunk and where twisting, the cupping of the leaves. Extending from the ground plane to high above Vali Asr Avenue, these façade elements create solar shading and sheltering to the crysteline elements within.

Design & 3D Imagery: © Jonathan Gibb & Betty Chung 2009

Scene 1_1 Scene 1